cetriolo chencho f1New hybrids regarding Dutch cucumber segment. very good vigor and very high yield during all harvest season. the fruits are 30-32 cm long, cylindrical, smooth, shining dark green. Suitable for greenhouse cultivation in early cycle.

HR: Ccu (Cladosporium cucumerinum)


cetriolo chimoNew variety regarding american Slicer typoloy. Very developed and deep root, with good leaf coverage. the fruits are always cylindrical, dark green, just little spine. The production starts very early and is very high qualify during all cycle.

IR: CVYV, CMV, Px, GC, Pcu


melanzana ortensiaNew introduction in round oval segment. The palnts are vigorous, medium erect, with very early maturation. The production is very uniform during all harvest season. The color is dark green violet, with round oval shape, spineless.



pomodoro italo 2Indeterminate fresh market tomato cluster type, with a vigorous and open plant orbit. Very uniform in all environment cultivations with many cluster per plant with short internodes. Very uniform cluster, with 6-7 fruits for each, with a shiny red color. Postharvest storage is fantastic.

HR ToMV/V/Fol 0,1


191 RS F1

Foto pomodoro 191 1 HRIndeterminate fresh market tomato, Roma type. Plant are vigorous, strong and uniform. The cluster are regular in each and all plants. Medium weight: 150-160 gr, elongated, shiny and velvet green color. Excellent compactness, apical rotten. Suitable for fresh market. Suitable for harvet both green and red.

  • HR: Fol:0,1,2, ToMV, TSWV, Va, Vd
  • IR: Ma, Mi, Mj, TYLCV 

236 RS F1

pomodoro 236Indeterminate fresh market tomato Roma type with a vigorous and open plant habit. The cluster are very regular in each and all plants. The fruits oval-elongated, shiny green with red shading, medium weight: 145-155 gr. Compact. Great resistance to apical rotten. Suitable for fresh market. 

  • HR: Fol:0,,2, ToMV, Va, Vd
  • IR: Ma, Mi, Mj, TYLCV, TSWV


Gandellino 150dpiIndeterminate for fresh market, mini plum typology. Strong, vigorous and rustic plant with short internodes. Compact cluster, with 8-9 uniform fruits. Fruits are intense red, great firmness. Fruit’s medium weight is 35-40 gr. Suitable for fresh market. Flavourful.

  • HR: Fol: 0,1, ToMV, Va, Vd


mozartRootstock suitable for tomato, give very strong root and very well develop, improve vigor and rusticity. Suitable for long cycle. It makes the plant more productive and the fruit’s quality much higher. However it doesn’t change the typical characteristics of the variety. Mozart gves also more resistance to TYLCV, because it limits the transmission of the virus.

  • HR: ToM,V 0-2/ Va / Vd / Fol 0-2/ For
  • IR: Ma / Mi / Mj / Pl / TYLCV


Tomv: Tobacco mosaic virus 

Fol: Fusarium wilt

For: Fusarium crown and root rot

Va: Verticilium wilt

Vd: Verticillium wilt

TYLCV: Tomato yellow leaf curl

Pl: Corky root rot

Ma: Root-knot

Mi: Root-knot

Mj: Root-knot