SRX 1610 (PRYEL) F1

melone1[1]Italian netted with a strong, vigorous plant with a good coverage and a great adaptability to different growing practices. The fruit, round oval shaped, has a high specific weight, it has a strong net and it is well-formed even in extreme weather conditions. Its flesh is excellent with a pink salmon color, a great flavor and an excellent brix grade. The medium weight is 1,2-1,5 Kg, with an average early cycle.

  • HR: Fom 0,1; Sf 1,2; Ec


melone3[1]Tamaris type with smooth not netted peel. Vigorous plant with good rusticity and continuous production. Its cycle i medium-late. Fruit is round, medium caliber, with 1,2-1,5 Kg size. Great flesh firmness and high brix grade.

  • HR: Fom 0,1,2



melone4[1]Hybrid canary yellow (Gialletto) type, suitable for open field for internal market and export. The plant is vigorous, rustic and with a high yield. The fruit is elongated oval shaped, yellow-orange colored when mature, with a medium caliber, uniform. It has a long post-harvest storability. Great flesh firmness, sweet and white colored. Medium weight of 1,5-2 Kg. Its cycle is medium.

  • HR: Fom 0,1
  • IR: Px 1,2