mozartRootstock suitable for tomato, give very strong root and very well develop, improve vigor and rusticity. Suitable for long cycle. It makes the plant more productive and the fruit’s quality much higher. However it doesn’t change the typical characteristics of the variety. Mozart gves also more resistance to TYLCV, because it limits the transmission of the virus.

  • HR: ToM,V 0-2/ Va / Vd / Fol 0-2/ For
  • IR: Ma / Mi / Mj / Pl / TYLCV


Tomv: Tobacco mosaic virus 

Fol: Fusarium wilt

For: Fusarium crown and root rot

Va: Verticilium wilt

Vd: Verticillium wilt

TYLCV: Tomato yellow leaf curl

Pl: Corky root rot

Ma: Root-knot

Mi: Root-knot

Mj: Root-knot