ROYAL SEEDS technicians carry on germination and vigor tests for all seed lots produced, in order to constantly monitor the quality of the seeds and offer the best quality to the customer. Every seed is tested in order to verify genetic and physical purity before commercialization.

ROYAL SEEDS works with third parties to test health conditions of the seeds, which come from all over the world, to always guarantee high quality standards.



ROYAL SEEDS has a strong commercial organization able to follow the italian region and foreign countries and it is composed by skilled and high experienced people with a strong membership spirit. Moreover ROYAL SEEDS works at a world wide level with different partnerships and wholesalers, this allows the company to be effective in different countries in the world.

At the moment ROYAL SEEDS is collaborating with LIMGROUP and CAPGEN SEEDS. LIMGROUP  is a Dutch company specialized in researches about the different areas of diffusion of the asparagus. On the other hand CAPGEN SEEDS is a Spanish company that develops different seeds reproduction programs.